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Western Red Cedar


      Western Red Cedar is commonly known as red cedar and giant cedar. It is not to be confused with Inland Red Cedar. Known for its extremely fine and even grain, its flexibility and strength in proportion to its weight. Western Red Cedar is a species of wood whose lumber can be used in a variety of ways. Western Red Cedar is renowned for its high impermeability to liquids and its natural phenol preservatives, which make it ideally suited for exterior use and interior use where humidity is high.

      Old Growth Western Red Cedars' slow growth, dense fiber, and natural oily extractions are responsible for its extremely high resistance to decay and its rich coloring, which ranges from a light milky straw color in the sapwood to a vanilla-chocolate in the heartwood. It is a stable wood that seasons easily and quickly, with a very low shrinkage factor. It is free of pitch and has excellent finishing qualities. Commonly used in siding patterns, paneling patterns, and boards for board-on-board siding, trim, and fascia. Other common uses are outdoor decks, pergolas, saunas, decorative posts, and fencing.


Common Uses

  • Shingles, exterior siding and lumber, boat building, boxes, crates, and musical instruments.

Technical Specifications

*Source: The Wood Database;

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