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      Wallaba is a dense tropical hardwood. It is light red to reddish‐brown in color. The heartwood is light to dark, red to reddish, or purplish brown with a distinctive dark gummy streaks which tend to spread over the surface. The sapwood is pale and is sharply defined from the heartwood. The wood has a very high density and the texture is coarse, the grain is typically straightWallaba consists of high gum exudes and oily resin which are part of the properties that fight against insects and decay. The wood dries very slowly with a marked tendency to check, split, and warp. Although the wood has high density, it is easy to work with hand and machine tools. However, the high gum content clogs sawteeth and cutters. Once the wood has been kiln dried, gum exudes are not a serious problem in machining. The heartwood is reported to be very durable and resistant to subterranean termites and fairly resistant to dry-wood termitesWallaba has excellent qualities for transmission poles, flag staffs, marine and bridge construction areas owing to its strength and durability. It is also well suited for general heavy construction, utility and industrial floors and chemical vat staves. Additionally the timber can be used to make fence staves, posts and shingles for roofing.

With a renewed focus on keeping animal habitats, crops and farm animals free from hazardous chemicals, Wallaba posts and poles are a perfect product to help accomplish the task. Like other tropical hardwoods, Wallaba is durable and strong, with an approximate weight of 65 lbs per cubic foot. The wood is three times stronger than southern yellow pine and is easier to cut than other hardwoods, making the installation process less challenging. With a high resistance to moisture, insect infestation, and decay, Wallaba wood is unparalleled. The tropical hardwood can fight off insects and decay without the use of preservative chemicals, which helps to ensure that animals and vegetation will not be subjected to hazardous chemicals. This natural wood has a “Class A” fire rating, making it almost as fire resistant as metal or concrete. With an incredible resilience and life span of over 50+ years, Wallaba posts and poles can save time and money by avoiding costly repairs and replacements.

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