Black Locust

Black Locust is a very hard and strong wood, competing with Hickory as the strongest and stiffest domestic timber but with more stability and good durability. Although Black Locust shares a similar name with Honey Locust, the two aren’t the same. Black Locust tends to be slightly heavier, harder, and with more of a green or yellow tinge, while Honey Locust tends to have a warmer orange or red tint. Common uses for Black Locust range across the spectrum - fence posts, boat building, flooring, furniture, mine timbers, railroad ties, turned objects, and decks. It is an excellent wood for outdoor use or for any purpose where it is exposed to the elements. Black Locust has an extremely high resistance to decay and rot and has good weathering characteristics. It is frequently used as fence posts or in decks or benches for its outdoor longevity.