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Alaskan Yellow Cedar


      Alaskan Yellow Cedar is also known as Alaskan Cypress or Pacific Coast Cypress. This rare and remarkably beautiful cedar is only grown in the North Pacific region of North America. This light yellow wood, with its straight and uniform grain, has been used in the boat building industry for many years because of its exceptional resistance to weather. Due to its short growing season, Alaskan Yellow Cedar is the hardest cedar grown in the world. It dries quickly, works easily and performs well either finished or unfinished due to its natural oils that give the wood a wax-like finish. Ideal for high traffic applications such as decking and flooring because of its shock resistance and durability, it is also a popular choice for handrails and ramps because it does not splinter.  With a higher resistance to flame than other softwoods, Alaskan Yellow Cedar is an excellent choice for siding in a variety of stock and custom patterns, shingles, shake roofing, and paneling. It is an ideal choice for exterior use in applications such as decorative trim, moldings, handrail, and stair treads.


Common Uses 

  • Carving, boat building, siding, flooring, decking, outdoor furniture, musical instruments (flutes, soundboards on guitars), boxes and chests, and various utility/construction applications.


Technical Specifications

*Source: The Wood Database;

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