Boro Sawmill & Timber Co.

   Boro was established in 1925.

We Stock over 1,000,000 board feet of timber in: Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, SouthernYellow Pine & Oak

Certified by: Timber Products Inspection Agency Our ability to grade stamp and mill certify is your assurance of the quality and the grade your looking for.

High Quality and High Grades of: 
Free of Heart *  Vertical Grain * Clears * Dense Select Structural are the grades we produce from our timber mill. This all starts from the logs we purchase prior to cutting.

Saw Mill & Suppliers of: Timber & Lumber for the Trade
Sawed Timbers - Rgh Sawn or Dressed 4 Sides Sized to 60' in Lengths
Full Sized Lumber & Restoration Timbers
Framing Timbers
T&G Products - Roof Decking, Vertical Siding, Interior Celing Boards
Rafter Tails, Knee Bracing &  Decrotive Timbers
Timber Truss & Fabrication
Post & Rail - Fencing & Guard Rail
Bridge Timbers , Float Stages
Dock Timbers Untreated & Treated
Flag Poles, Columns & Architectural Turned Timbers